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BADR FC was formed in 2003 , the 3rd year of the second millennium , purposing the spread of love, brotherhood and unity amongst the Indian Football Community in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
There is a great story to tell, full of ambition, dedication, rivalries and dramatic quests for trophy success over the years passed by.
The journey of BADR FC began astoundingly by winning the very first tournament BFC participated and won the hearts of the football lovers in the Eastern province. Over a period of time BFC has galloped to emerge as one of the most renowned clubs amongst the Indian community in Saudi Arabia and many other GCC countries.

our history


Formed in 2003, BADR FC was initially named as Malabar Brothers with its key people as Mr.Ashraf, Mr.Haneefa, Majeed, Shaji Mathew and Mr.Shameem. Later on they were joined by their fellow players Jabbar, Ayoob, Yashi, Riyas Wayanad, Ali Cherpulassery,Shameer Kodiathur, Ummer and Assu Rahman who in conjunction formed a professional football team and started participating tournaments. Winning the very first tournament participated in the name of Malabar Brothers hosted by Corniche FC , gave some remarkable moments to the football lovers in the eastern province. Later on , as Badr Al Rabie clinic sponsored the club for numerous matche. The formation of a professional football club had become a necessity in the eastern province where the majority of the expat community needed an entertainment and a moral boost amidst the busy and tiring work culture. The coming days saw MalabarBrothers FC being named as BADR FC.
In 2003 BADR FC made an astounding journey in a tournament hosted by Keli at Riyadh where BADR FC being a rookie overthrew many top clubs like Central Brothers and reached the semifinals. In 2004 Badr FC hosted their first tournament which witnessed BFC itself winning the title.
The coming years witnessed tremendous growth of the club with multiple tournament titles and consecutive wins.
BADR FC had hosted many events apart from football in the past years with a motive to develop and catalyze the Indian culture in its intrinsic way , as the Indian expatriate community plays an important role in representing our nation in the Middle East.
Now with the 20th year celebration of the club knocking the corners, Badr FC has pulled off innumerable achievements and is proud to be one of the most renowned Indian Football club in the Kingdom with its players even playing multiple tournaments overseas. The 20 years celebration will be fired off with a mega elevens tournament with dates to be announced very soon.



MC Abdurahman
Sidheek kannur
vice chairman